Hello, my name is Roberto and I’m a Nerd!

I began this blog when I still was in high school, but I abandoned it a few years back, so I decided it’s time to relaunch the blog, it’s time for a new beginning:

Those are words that I would most likely never had said while I was still in school (around 4+ years ago) because despite the fact that if it was obvious or not, saying I’m a nerd felt like something bad while I was still in high school, and of course little old, shy, introverted, no self-esteem me didn’t want to label myself with something bad, because of course silly old me wanted to be popular or be liked by everyone, so stupid old me didn’t want to be so different than the cool kids, or at least what I perceived the “cool” kids were like, now I’m aware that I had a wrong concept about a lot of classmates, and that they’re not like old me thought they were.

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