Top 5 Comic Book Shows of the Fall 2016-Summer 2017 Season

With so many Comic Book TV Shows currently airing, it’s time for me to list which, in my opinion, were the strongest 5 that I’ve watched.

Honorable Mentions

Heroes v Aliens/Invasion Crossover


While not exactly a TV show, the 4 part CW comic book crossover showed the best of what a team super-hero comic book show can be, and while it truly was only a 2 part crossover (with Supergirl only crossing over on the last few minutes and Arrow being a celebration of 100 episodes, which, I think is the strongest episode Arrow has delivered by far) seeing Supergirl, Flash, Arrow and the Legends fighting aliens was truly an exciting event which makes it more exciting thinking about what the future crossovers of the Arrowverse might bring.

American Gods


So, this is kind of cheating, since American Gods isn’t exactly a comic book TV show, but since it’s based on the novel written by Neil Gaiman (who has previously worked on comics, such as Sandman) I decided to put him on the list of honorable mentions. American Gods is a fantastic, over the top and highly-stylistic TV show. Although it takes quite some time for the show to finally go into it’s conflict, this show does a great job handling the gods of different mythologies, how they would still be relevant in our modern word, and emphasizing what is currently “sacred” or idolized by society.

5 – Supergirl


So, this season was actually rough for a lot of comic book shows with most of the CW superhero shows and the Netflix shows delivering HIGHLY inconsistent seasons. Although, Supergirl’s 2nd season was inconsistent it was an improvement over the 1st season, and it was one of the best CW comic book shows. Supergirl continue to had the light, heart and optimism that it’s 1st season had, while the changing of filming location caused the loss of Callista Flockhart as a cast member and James Olsen went through the HORRIBLE character arc of becoming a vigilante, the season had it’s amazingly high points like the introduction of Superman (who captures the lighter side of Superman the DCEU has been lacking), Alex’s season 2 arc and Cat Grant’s finale speech to Kara. Although Supergirl is far from being perfect, it was one of the strongest shows this season, although this season was VERY POLITICAL.

4 – Legends of Tomorrow


Supergirl wasn’t the only show that improved this season, Legends of Tomorrow went from being a barely watchable show to the most consistent and strong show of the Arrowverse. The most noticeable change Legends made was that all of the characters this season had a purpose on the team, had character development or went through an interesting story-arc, a vast difference from Hawkgirl and Hawkman (who felt that just were on the team to fill on some space), it felt like Legends season 2 had a significantly bigger budget than season 1 and was able to use it well (visual effects, locations and outfits) and the use of the Justice Society of America was a great way to expanding the mythos of the Arrowverse and using the big pantheon of heroes the DC Universe has besides the Trinity.

3 – iZombie


iZombie continues being one of the strongest comic book TV shows currently airing, Rose McIver continues showing a great range of acting with the different cases the season deals with and the story, specially the season finale, goes to a direction I doubt anyone would’ve expected watching the first two seasons, which may be due to the fact that the show might be reaching it’s end in a couple of seasons (shortened seasons and late renewals are a sign that the CW might only give a season or two more to iZombie).

2 – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


The scheduling change was something the greatly benefited Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. allowing the show to go to a darker place, a change that didn’t felt forced or gratuitous and felt as a natural progression for the shows and it’s characters. The show also made the smart decision of dividing the season into 3 story pods that dealt with very different issues while also remaining connected, and while, like Supergirl, the show also went political this season, it managed to be subtler about it than Supergirl. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to do something that the MCU has been having troubles with, which is delivering strong and untiresting villlains. And it must be said, that while on season 1 their characters looked bland and interchangable, Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker were the clear stand outs of the season (along with newcomer Mallory Jansen).

1 – Legion


Now, here’s a surprising success (at least for me), when I first heard about Fox making an X-Men TV show I didn’t expect it to be anything extraordinary, which changed when I saw the first trailer for Legion, it felt really different from the other comic book TV shows currently airing. Legion is a surreal and visually beautiful TV show, with an amazing story-line and a show in which you can sense how much effort the cast (with the standouts being Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza) and crew has put into it, the show does an amazing use with colors and with clues being spread throughout the show (like with David’s shirts).


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