Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, a Spoiler-free defense.

So, I just watched BvS, and thanks to the Man of Steel (a movie I personally heavily disliked) and the fact that critics have been ripping this movie into pieces, I arrived at the movie theater with extremely low expectations and a feeling that I wast going to enjoy the two and a half hours this movie expected from me, but boy was I wrong, because while this movie isn’t the masterpiece that The Dark Knight was or it wasn’t at the same level as the MCU’s strongest releases (The Winter Soldier being my personal favorite) it clearly is a strong starting point for the DCEU.

First of all, I’ve to say, I really think this movie will be mostly be appreciated by adult DC fans, Batman v. Superman expects a level of comic book knowledge from the viewers, because otherwise a lot of things might fly over the viewers head. And also, the movie isn’t as cheery as what we’ve seen in the MCU movies, it’s a level of dark, that might be a bit to much to children under 13.

So what did BvS did right?

Despite the fact that the ad campaign might present this movie as an all out brawl between Batman and Superman most of the action and confrontation between this characters aren’t brawls, instead the conflict in the movie could be described a cold war, it caught me by surprise that BvS had a level of sophistication similar than Batman: The Animated Series.


If you’ve read some reviews you’ve probably read that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman was one of the high points of the movie, and YES, Wonder Woman had the great debut in the big screen that she deserves, playing a femme fatale warrior Gal Gadot proved all the people that doubted her because she was a cast member of the Fast & Furious franchise that she deserves to be a member of the DC trinity


One of things I really disliked from Man of Steel was that despite the character was named Lois Lane, Amy Adams’ character was really Lana Lang, there were no trait in her character that accurately represented Lois, except the fact that she was a journalist, but this is something that Batman v. Superman fixes, this time around you can clearly see Lois’ inner fire and that courage that makes Lois one of the best reporters of the DC Universe, and a character that is not just a supporting character to Superman but in many ways his equal.


While there are some things they’ve done with Batman that I really didn’t like, overall Batman and Alfred were a great addition to the DCEU, Batman and Alfred had a great dynamic that wasn’t previously represented on any movies. Bruce Wayne is the representation of all the fans (myself included) that were angry at the fact that Superman basically had no regards for any civilians life in Man of Steel, while Alfred was Bruce’s voice of reason. Oh… and also, as you may have seen on the trailers, Batman’s action sequencer are amazing.


So was the movie perfect?

As I’ve said before, no, this movie had it’s flaws, and they were sometimes bigger than I would’ve liked them to be, but IN NO WAY MAKE THIS MOVIE BAD. Sadly, mot of the flaws are Superman related.


My first flaw, and perhaps the one that bugged me the most, is that Superman isn’t the strong character he is in the comics, there are some glimpses of the comic Superman, but mostly he was a bland character mostly defined by what the other thought about him and his relationship with other characters. In my opinion Berlanti and Melissa Benoist have done a better job to capture Superman’s essence than what Snyder has done.


Another flaw, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, because while Lex had it’s very strong moments, moments that established why he’s one of the fiercest and most menacing villains of DC, Eisenberg’s performance of Mark Zuckerberg-y Luthor was sometimes too cartoony for it’s own good and perhaps on a level of insanity closer to what Joker deserves.


And perhaps another nit-picky flaw I couldn’t shake off while watching BvS was Doomsday’s design, because while the fight against Doomsday was amazing! He looked way too fake to me.


Finally one thing that I think hurts BvS is that it has the job to establish the DCEU and what’s to come, this movie would’ve been more solid if it didn’t have to worry about planting the seeds of what’s to come.


So in conclusion, if you’re a fan of DC don’t let the bad reviews discourage you, watch Batman v. Superman, you might actually enjoy it.


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