Top 10 Doctor Who Episodes (New Who)

With the Ninth season of Doctor Who a couple of months away, I’ve decided to post a list of my favorite 10 episodes of the Revival series of Doctor Who, which was no easy task since so far 116 episodes have been released. SPOILERS AHEAD

10) S3E11,12&13 – Utopia + The Sound of Drums + Last of the Time Lords


This three part story marked the magnificent debut of probably the best of Doctor Who’s lore, people who began watching Doctor Who with the new series didn’t need to know anything about “Classic Who” to realize how much of a menace the Master was to the Doctor and Earth, with brilliant and chilling performances from John Simm and Derek Jacobi the Master turned into the true standpoint from this three parter.

It was engaging to watch all the chaos the Master caused and how he turned the Doctor’s world upside down, but this just caused a bigger satisfaction when the Doctor was finally able to stop the Master.

9) S7E05 – The Angels Take Manhattan


The episode that marked the departure of fan favorites Amy Pond and Rory Williams, this episode was a huge blow to Smith’s Doctor and fans alike, a suspenseful and emotional episode of Doctor Who and probably the best episode of Series 7.

8) S3E11 – Blink


Blink was the episode that marked the debut of one of the creepiest enemies of the Doctor, Blink was a cleverly written episode with a captivating story that at some point makes you forget that in this episode you’re not following the Doctor and his companion, and you’re following characters that just appear in this arc.

7) S6E10 – The Girl Who Waited


One of the episodes of Doctor Who that shocked me the most, after seeing for almost two complete seasons how strong the bond between Amy and the Doctor had been, it was completely shocking to me how the Doctor and Rory “sacrificed” old Amy in order to save young Amy. Another standout from this episode was Karen Gillan’s two strong performaces as the different Amys.

6) S4E01 – Partners in Crime


The brilliant return of Donna Noble, Partners in Crime was a great and hilarious episode that strongly benefited from Catherine Tate’s comedic talent and introducing probably the cutest results of murder ever, this episode was the first step towards one of the strongest seasons of New Who.

5) S4E12&13 – The Stolen Earth + Journey’s End


To me this was the true conclusion of the Eccleston and Tennant’s eras, the epicness that was the reunion of all the Doctor’s companions and the battle against the Daleks was one of the highpoints of Series 4 that in my opinion, the remaining episodes failed to reach.

4) S4E11 – Turn Left


Despite this being a Doctor-light episode focusing in what in my opinion is one of the strongest New Who companions, Donna Noble, this episode (where everything that could go wrong goes wrong) underlines the importance of both the Doctor and his companions, this episode is by far one of the strongest Doctor Who episodes.

3) S8E04 – Listen


A very divisive episode among fans, this episode was to me a turning point for Clara in which she proved that she was more than the Doctor’s “love interest” which is what she was relegated to in Series 7 and turned her into the Doctor’s caretaker, also this episode was the first step for Capaldi’s Doctor to become my favorite Doctor.

2) S5E10 – Vincent and the Doctor

Vincent and the Doctor (1)

Oh this episode, this episode was truly the best point of Smith’s era of Doctor Who, this episode was truly artistic! This episode was when both Amy and Karen Gillan proved why they deserved their spot in Doctor Who’s history, a fantastic episode with a strong poignant lesson at the end, this is an episode that should be in everyone’s list of best Doctor Who’s episodes.

1) S1E08 – Father’s Day 


This is the episode that made me fall in love with New Who, before this episode I found New Who okay at best but it lacked heart, but this episode gave A LOT of heart to New Who and elevated it to the level of a masterpiece, an amazing story and explanation of paradoxes along with possibly Billie Piper’s strongest performance in the series, this tear-jerker of an episode is definitely a must watch to anyone who might be interested in watching Doctor Who.

What are your favorite Doctor Who episodes from the revival series? Please comment below.


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