Surprisingly Positive Changes in Mortal Kombat X

So lately I’ve been investing more time than I’d like to admit playing Mortal Kombat X, which has been a FANTASTIC game and the strongest game in the series for sure. But while playing Mortal Kombat X I came across some changes that I wouldn’t have expected from Mortal Kombat and I have to say it was nice to see them.

Although some people on the internet *cough* GameFAQS boards *cough* have been so against this changes, there are also others more accepting of this changes in the Mortal Kombat series, like a lot of Reddit users.

So what are these changes that I’m glad and surprised to see in Mortal Kombat?

For starters Mortal Kombat fixed something they’ve been doing since they began making 3D games, which is inhumanly proportionate bodies with stripper like outfits for their female characters. I would’ve never expected Mortal Kombat to give their female kombatants more realistic bodies and outfits that do not look like something you’d find at a stripper’s closet. For some reason game designers think that in order for a female character to be attractive she has to have the biggest breasts possible and be as little dressed as possible, but at least to me that’s not attractive even in real life.

Mileena and Kitana MK9/MKX Comparison

Mileena and Kitana MK9/MKX Comparison

Mortal Kombat X remade the outfits of its returning characters from Mortal Kombat 9, and it is through the comparison of both version of the outfits that the change is made more obvious. In my opinion the Female Kombatants look way better now that the body proportions are made more realistic, they got rid of making the female characters being extremely ripped (in MK9 I couldn’t get over how manly their bodies looked since they were all extremely ripped) and instead gave them more delicate looking bodies, and the improvement of the outfits no longer looking like cheap stripper outfits.

Is there another positive change in Mortal Kombat X?

Yes! Mortal Kombat X’s story mode brought a lot of positive and interesting things, the evolution of the relationship between the Cage family was really good in my opinion, seeing Sonya and Johnny’s Romance and then fast-forwarding 20 years later to see they’re now divorced and how different each of their relationship is with their daughter Cassie plus finding out why they split.

But an improvement in storytelling isn’t the positive change I was surprised by in Mortal Kombat, I was surprised that Mortal Kombat X got its first gay character.

11117233_797926463638861_2747221765100778555_nKung Jin is Mortal Kombat’s first gay character, and it is surprising on how subtle this revelation was, I’m pretty sure if Kung Jin had been introduced sometime before MK9 he would’ve been a walking stereotype. But NetherRealm Studios were really subtle with this character, with only one subtle line said by Raiden during the story mode and a confirmation by one of the game’s cinematic director stating the character’s sexuality, and I think that’s a good way to do it. A gay, lesbian or bisexual character shouldn’t have a big sign pointing at them stating their sexual orientation, nor should they state their sexual orientation every time they interact with someone. I also find it surprising that a big established videogame franchise included a gay character, considering how that community is an extremely underrepresented community in videogames, as pointed by IGN’s Luke Karmali.

As I’ve said before, I think the media (movies, tv and videogames) need to positively represent different kind of people, instead of filling everything that’s not a white male character with stereotypes, and I hope in the future the gaming industry continues developing and representing correctly characters from different genders, religions, ethnicity or sexual orientation.


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