Hello, my name is Roberto and I’m a Nerd!

I began this blog when I still was in high school, but I abandoned it a few years back, so I decided it’s time to relaunch the blog, it’s time for a new beginning:

Those are words that I would most likely never had said while I was still in school (around 4+ years ago) because despite the fact that if it was obvious or not, saying I’m a nerd felt like something bad while I was still in high school, and of course little old, shy, introverted, no self-esteem me didn’t want to label myself with something bad, because of course silly old me wanted to be popular or be liked by everyone, so stupid old me didn’t want to be so different than the cool kids, or at least what I perceived the “cool” kids were like, now I’m aware that I had a wrong concept about a lot of classmates, and that they’re not like old me thought they were.

Besides it wasn’t like the media representations of nerds back then (this makes me sound older than I actually am) were all that positive.


I mean really who would like to share a label with the characters I posted above, when I grew up the media representation for nerds were either extremely annoying, lazy or socially awkward or socially inept. And I know most nerd characters are supposed to be just comic relief for people, and characters that shouldn’t be taken seriously BUT for a young nerd grow up and see that the media sees him as either annoying lazy or socially awkward or inept isn’t a good thing, I think that deep down it was one of the many blows life gave against my self-esteem. Which is why I’m all about diversity in movies/games/tv and not have the vanilla white boy or girl being the main character in everything. EVERYONE regardless age, gender, hobbies, sexual orientation, religion, race, etc. need a positive representation in the media. Because out there there might be a young little boy/girl that grows up thinking that society has some kind of negative perspective on him.

Anyway… What has changed? You might ask

What changed was college, college was/has been a great place for me, it has seriously helped my self-esteem and the concept I have of myself, it is nowhere near as perfect… or ideal… but it has surely improved. I’ve been at two colleges (a failed attempt at med-school, and currently a WAY more successful attempt at psychology) and in both places I’ve met really cool nerds. Unlike school I felt that I could the real nerdy me, so I have to say I’m really thankful to all the great people I’ve met after college. Plus finding better representation of nerds on media and the internet is always a good thing xD .

Youtube channels like SourceFed Nerd, Nerdist, people like Chris Hardwick and Zachary Levi (popular famous nerds that try to do things for the nerd community) and the public acceptance of the Batman Nolan Trilogy and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have also helped me accept the fact that I’m a nerd. What kind of nerd you may ask? I’m a Whovian (though I’ve only watched New Who), a bit of a Theatre Geek, a Comic Book Fan, a Movie Buff and a Gamer, and I’m happy and proud to be a nerd.


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